Try to help a hopeless 40 million euro online project in Italy, and get menacing emails

As reported by Bru, and originally posted on his blog by Maurizio, the Ritalia initiative that we started yesterday to try and re-invent with modern tools, and effective open collaborative methods the abortive portal, is causing an uproar in the blogosphere.

The aim is ambitious, immodest, and innocent, happy, at the same time. Let’s use the web for the common good, and show the people that really 40 million Euro are not needed to create a useable, and useful portal for tourism in Italy. (Believe it or not, there isn’t one, after more then a decade and a half that the web has been born, and in the year 2007!) Based on voluntary participation, open tools, wikis, and a forthcoming BarCamp-style meeting, this is a fun happening.

Except that not everyone feels the same. Somebody is afraid, enough so that he sent an email, with a spoofed header, to one of the volunteers, menacing him just because he felt that his university could maybe host the forthcoming meeting:

“Hey, there’s a smell of bloggers being assfucked in the air, about Beware of badmouthing the powers that be. You can quickly loose your nice University seat this way………….”

…really nice, huh? Straight out of one of the nastier parts of The Godfather.