Jolting Course

What Is Jolting And Why Does It Matter To You?

The rate of acceleration of technological change is increasing. Computers double their performance every two years, Stanford University saw AI doubling in power every four months, the CEO of Nvidia documented a further shortening, with AI now doubling in power every two months. This is Jolting! And you cannot afford not to learn about it. The business models, even those based on an exponential paradigm, run the risk of becoming obsolete very rapidly. Your life, and that of your community will be profoundly impacted by the jolting changes. The Jolting Technologies courses allow you to acquire the necessary mindset, and extend your adaptability.

The acceleration is increasing. Are you ready?

Tested extensively with corporate customers over a period of a year, the Jolting Technologies courses are now broadly available. You can learn how the increasing acceleration impacts your life as well, and achieve the necessary shift in your mindset. 

For a limited time, subscribe for $49/month (instead of $89/month), get the first month free, and participate in the monthly live Q&A sessions, allowing you to interact with your instructor, David Orban.