Comments are becoming a cleaner part of the conversation

The set of blog posts have always been seen, with their rich link texture, as a healthy medium building relevant conversations. Comments on the other hand, appreciated by the blogs’ creators, have not been incorporated as readily, and the loss of analysis weakened the value of each individual comment to a blog post, as well …

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Blogging through Flock!

I am writing this through the blogging interface of Flock, which aims to make the browser the hub of online social interactions in a closer loop.

Open Source Marketing manifesto

Ok. So ChangeThis kindly sent me the “blogger’s preview” edition of their manifestos. One of them this time is especially interesting, as it talks about “Open Source Marketing”, and yes, it is worth blogging. But, as the manifesto is in PDF, I am actually not pointing to it, but I invite other people to download …

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Playing with wikis

I was waiting for an opportunity to start playing with wikis, and Joi Ito’s blog gave me the start with his public Socialtext wiki, where I quickly created a page of my own. So far so good…