Comments are becoming a cleaner part of the conversation

The set of blog posts have always been seen, with their rich link texture, as a healthy medium building relevant conversations. Comments on the other hand, appreciated by the blogs’ creators, have not been incorporated as readily, and the loss of analysis weakened the value of each individual comment to a blog post, as well as that of the entire blogosphere. Of course spam has been a scurge on blogs, and various systems have been devised to stop it from overhelming the system. TypeKey, launched a year (or two?) ago as a single sign-on system for authentication of blog commenters has been effective, but didn’t achieve a very widespread adoption. A few days ago a new player has been launched on the field, and already working with all the leading blog software platforms, it not only enables convenient writing of comments, but also represents a cross-blog analysis of commenters, commented blogs, etc. in a very rich tapestry of additional layers of value to the global conversation: coComment

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