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  1. God Mode. Introducing my fully autonomous coding framework
  2. Addressing Accusations of Handholding — LessWrong
  3. GRC Outlook -Technology Magazine | Security & Governance
  4. How 1990s libertarians laid the groundwork for cryptocurrency
  5. The Bleeding Edge of Semiconductors: A Tale of Three Companies – Zeihan on Geopolitics
  6. Robotics Through Science Fiction – Chapter 3: “Long Shot”
  7. The UAE Is on a Mission to Become an AI Power
  8. 8 Google Employees Invented Modern AI. Here’s the Inside Story
  9. How the A.I. That Drives ChatGPT Will Move Into the Physical World
  10. It’s Looking a Lot Like World War II Out There
  11. How to Feed the AIs
  12. AI Prompt Engineering Is Dead
  13. The Areas of Mathematics Explained
  14. Pixar CTO on OpenUSD, Vision Pro Future, and USD Web Tools
  15. Inside OpenAI’s Plan to Make AI More ‘Democratic’
  16. Training Data for the Price of a Sandwich: Common Crawl’s Impact on Generative AI
  17. The Science and Standards Behind the Breakthrough
  18. Can AI Unlock the Secrets of the Ancient World?
  19. The end of my childhood
  21. Impressions of Theophrastus Such by George Eliot: Shadows of the Coming Race
  22. Without fundamental advances, misalignment and catastrophe are the default outcomes of training powerful AI — LessWrong
  23. LLM Agents — Intuitively and Exhaustively Explained
  24. Apple Shares the Secret of Why the 40-Year-Old Mac Still Rules
  25. AI has a trust problem — meet the startups trying to fix it
  26. Why Nuclear Is the Best Energy
  27. How to be More Agentic
  28. Mountains, Monasteries, and the Metropolis
  29. The Pulse: Will US companies hire fewer engineers due to Section 174?
  30. Chapter 1: Dark Satanic Mills
  31. Writing Books Remains a Tough Way to Make a Living
  32. Nikon, Sony and Canon fight AI fakes with new camera tech
  33. Advanced tips for rising writers.
  35. Literature Under the Spell of A.I.
  36. The Joy Of Art Making: Why there is power to creativity
  37. Now we know what OpenAI’s superalignment team has been up to
  38. How to Survive as a Human Creator in the AI Era
  39. Using LLMs locally on iPad or iPhone
  40. Can LLMs Replace Data Analysts? Building An LLM-Powered Analyst
  41. Robotics Q&A with Boston Dynamics’ Aaron Saunders | TechCrunch
  42. This A.I. Subculture’s Motto: Go, Go, Go
  43. Opinion | Should A.I. Accelerate? Decelerate? The Answer Is Both.
  44. The Best Available Human Standard
  45. My techno-optimism
  46. The Top 7 AI Text-to-speech and Voice-cloning Startups of 2023 | Deepgram
  47. Meditations On Moloch
  48. The Egg
  49. Introducing the AI Alliance
  50. Quando l’Intelligenza Artificiale diventerà superumana? «La “singolarità” avverrà entro il 2031»
  51. Physicists May Have Found a Hard Limit on The Performance of Large Quantum Computers
  52. How I—A Reasonable Person—Use ChatGPT
  53. How Jensen Huang’s Nvidia Is Powering the A.I. Revolution
  54. Generative AI in the Enterprise
  55. How do I ask a good question? – Help Center
  56. How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
  57. Getting Started with Claude 2 API – KDnuggets
  58. Exclusive: IBM debuts $500 million enterprise AI venture fund
  59. The Great Cash-for-Carbon Hustle
  61. Announcing Grok
  62. Context Windows: The Short-term Memory of Large Language Models
  63. Pluralistic: Big Tech’s “attention rents” (03 Nov 2023) – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  64. ChatGPT for career growth? Practica introduces AI-based career coaching and mentorship | TechCrunch
  65. Picking up the pieces of our grief
  66. Prompt Economics: Understanding ChatGPT Costs | One AI
  67. *GOAT: Who is the Greatest Economist of all Time, and Why Does it Matter?* – Marginal REVOLUTION
  68. What Is Technological Singularity?
  69. 10 Things to Do in Your Startup Summit in 2023: Learnings from V7
  71. DAVID BRIN: Political Blackmail: The Hidden Danger to Public Servants
  72. The Techno-Optimist Manifesto | Andreessen Horowitz
  73. Anthropic’s Responsible Scaling Policy
  74. I’ve Been Thinking by Daniel C Dennett review – an engaging, vexing memoir with a humility bypass
  75. The Game-Changing Potential of the Falling Price of AI Inference: A Guide for Business Leaders
  76. How Will A.I. Learn Next?
  77. A test of artificial intelligence
  78. Unbundling AI — Benedict Evans
  79. 2,851 Miles // Bill Gurley (Transcript + Slides)
  80. A review of Number Go Up, on crypto shenanigans
  81. The Classroom of Tomorrow: Promise and Limitations of AI Teaching Assistants
  82. The synthetic social network is coming
  83. Why Silicon Valley’s biggest AI developers are hiring poets
  84. 5 ChatGPT Prompts To Spark Game-Changing Ideas For Your Business
  85. Sam Altman Is the Oppenheimer of Our Age
  86. Rethinking the Luddites in the Age of A.I.
  87. Is Consciousness Part of the Fabric of the Universe?
  88. Array Labs: 3D Mapping Earth from Space
  89. MSN
  90. DAVID BRIN: Atlas Shrugged: The Hidden Context of the Book and Film
  91. Revealed: top carbon offset projects may not cut planet-heating emissions
  92. Generative AI’s Act Two
  93. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania Introduce Kani: A Lightweight, Flexible, and Model-Agnostic Open-Source AI Framework for Building Language Model Applications
  94. Prompt engineering for Claude’s long context window
  95. AI-focused tech firms locked in ‘race to the bottom’, warns MIT professor
  96. Opinion | The Story of Our Universe May Be Starting to Unravel
  97. Top 9 Ethical Dilemmas of AI and How to Navigate Them in 2023
  98. For Woody Allen haters, facts aren’t in the script
  99. [PUBLIC] Frontier Model Training
  100. The Legal Risks of Using ChatGPT | JD Supra
  101. What OpenAI Really Wants
  102. Using SenseCAP T1000 LoRaWAN GPS Tracker for cattle tracking – CNX Software
  103. I Tracked an NYC Subway Rider’s Movements with an MTA ‘Feature’
  104. Give Every AI a Soul—or Else
  105. How South Korean’s composting system became a model for the world
  106. Metascience Since 2012: A Personal History
  107. Real-Real-World Programming with ChatGPT
  108. How to Use AI to Do Stuff: An Opinionated Guide
  109. Pluralistic: Why are so many Californians homeless? (12 July 2023) – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  110. Inside the White-Hot Center of A.I. Doomerism
  111. The workers at the frontlines of the AI revolution
  112. Threads and the Social/Communications Map
  113. No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees
  114. Thread by @Yampeleg on Thread Reader App
  115. 12ft |
  116. How to Train Generative AI Using Your Company’s Data
  117. How to raise money — Brett_Adcock
  118. Detecting AI-Generated Profile Photos
  119. Robert J. Sawyer: Hugo and Nebula Award-Winning Science Fiction Writer
  120. A New National Purpose: AI Promises a World-Leading Future of Britain
  121. Amitai Etzioni, who championed the virtues of community, dies at 94
  122. Most Aliens May Be Artificial Intelligence, Not Life as We Know It
  123. Softwar Thesis Review
  124. Opinion: The amazing and frightening potential of AI | CNN
  125. David Orban: “la IA será capaz de superar la performance de un ser humano en todas las categorías de problemas”
  126. The Untold Story of the Boldest Supply-Chain Hack Ever
  127. I tried the AI novel-writing tool everyone hates, and it’s better than I expected
  128. 12ft | The Problem With Counterfeit People – The Atlantic
  129. Claude’s Constitution
  130. Planning for AGI and beyond
  131. Why No One Wants AI Ethics Anymore
  132. Translation: My Multilingual Life
  133. How AI Knows Things No One Told It
  134. 12ft |
  135. Pi, your personal AI
  136. Pi, your personal AI
  137. Will A.I. Become the New McKinsey?
  138. Rules of Thumb for Software Development Estimations
  139. Who Will Control Reality?
  140. Geoffrey Hinton tells us why he’s now scared of the tech he helped build
  141. One Day—and One Night—in Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen
  142. Has the 3D printing revolution finally arrived?
  143. What Exactly Are the Dangers Posed by A.I.?
  144. Scientists Use GPT AI to Passively Read People’s Thoughts in Breakthrough
  145. Pete Huang on LinkedIn: ChatGPT helps you work at lightspeed. But 99% of ChatGPT prompt posts are…
  146. The ‘Don’t Look Up’ Thinking That Could Doom Us With AI
  147. The Extreme Weirdness of Emergent Behavior in A.I.
  148. The Generative AI Canon
  149. The Dollar and Empire | Herman Mark Schwartz
  150. How Did We Get Here? The Tangled History of the Second Law of Thermodynamics
  151. A 50-Year Quest: My Personal Journey with the Second Law of Thermodynamics
  152. Computational Foundations for the Second Law of Thermodynamics
  153. My current summary of the state of AI risk
  154. The End of Recommendation Letters
  155. Zarqa — Introducing SingularityNET’s Neural-Symbolic LLM
  156. The Complete Beginners Guide To Autonomous Agents
  157. The paradox of “productivity paranoia”
  158. The Everything Test | GuidedTrack
  159. The biggest lie tech people tell themselves — and the rest of us
  160. How Much Should Founders Pay Themselves?
  161. What Kind of Mind Does ChatGPT Have?
  162. 35 Ways Real People Are Using A.I. Right Now
  163. Il professore che lavora alla produzione di carne sintetica: “Sarà la scelta più sostenibile e etica”
  164. GPT-4 Outperforms Elite Crowdworkers, Saving Researchers $500,000 and 20,000 hours
  165. A Concerning Trend – Neil Clarke
  166. We must slow down the race to God-like AI | Financial Times
  167. The Five Principles of Effectuation
  168. Behind the curtain: what it feels like to work in AI right now
  169. Nukes, Nubs And Coners: The Unique Social Hierarchy Aboard A Nuclear Submarine
  170. Does GPT-4 Really Understand What We’re Saying?
  171. Bitcoin doesn’t need banks
  172. Gumroad
  173. What’s the Future for A.I.?
  174. Figuring out your life’s purpose doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here’s how.
  175. Nobody’s on the ball on AGI alignment
  176. How do you prepare for due diligence and closing after signing a term sheet?
  177. Essential (mostly neglected) questions and answers about Artificial Intelligence: Part II
  178. Essential (mostly neglected) questions and answers about Artificial Intelligence: Part I
  179. Elon Musk and Others Call for Pause on A.I., Citing ‘Profound Risks to Society’
  180. How to use AI to do practical stuff: A new guide
  181. The Open Letter on AI Doesn’t Go Far Enough
  182. 50 Shades of Lies, Speculations & Half-Truths That the ECB Is Recycling About Bitcoin
  183. Nick Cave on the Fragility of Life
  184. Consciousness Began When the Gods Stopped Speaking – Nautilus
  185. Lessig for the Internet Archive
  186. Society’s Technical Debt and Software’s Gutenberg Moment
  187. Musical Abundance – HumanProgress
  188. The U.S. Could Help Solve Its Poverty Problem with a Universal Basic Income
  189. The secret history of Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and OpenAI | Semafor
  190. Opinion | If We Don’t Master A.I., It Will Master Us
  191. The case for slowing down AI
  192. America’s banks are missing hundreds of billions of dollars
  193. The Age of AI has begun
  194. How to prevent AI from ‘annihilating humanity’ using blockchain – Cointelegraph Magazine
  195. What Have We Just Unleashed?
  196. ‘They’ll all go to the US’: What the EU’s AI law means for European startups
  197. In Lebanon, Solar Power Is Booming. Why?
  198. How to Start an AI Panic
  199. Interview: Kevin Kelly, editor, author, and futurist
  200. Interview with OpenAI’s Greg Brockman: GPT-4 isn’t perfect, but neither are you
  201. The Unpredictable Abilities Emerging From Large AI Models | Quanta Magazine
  202. OpenAI co-founder on company’s past approach to openly sharing research: “We were wrong”
  203. AI isn’t close to becoming sentient – the real danger lies in how easily we’re prone to anthropomorphize it
  204. Stanford CRFM
  205. Operation Choke Point 2.0 Is Underway, And Crypto Is In Its Crosshairs
  207. Will AIs Take All Our Jobs and End Human History—or Not? Well, It’s Complicated…
  208. Nicholas Humphrey’s Beautiful Theory of Mind
  209. Robin Hanson Says You’re Going to Live
  210. How to Think About the Future of Technology | by Tim O’Reilly – Project Syndicate
  211. Opinion | This Changes Everything
  212. AGI Ruin: A List of Lethalities – LessWrong
  213. Roadmap of Becoming a Prompt Engineer (2023)
  214. The inside story of how ChatGPT was built from the people who made it
  215. Worldcoin, cofounded by Sam Altman, is betting the next big thing in AI is proving you are human
  216. The Creator of ChatGPT Thinks AI Should Be Regulated
  217. At San Francisco expo, AI ‘sorry’ for destroying humanity
  218. Inside BLOOM: How Thousands of AI Researchers Created an Open Source ChatGPT Alternative
  219. Secret Cyborgs: The Present Disruption in Three Papers
  220. Emergent Abilities of Large Language Models
  221. Core Views on AI Safety: When, Why, What, and How
  222. Romania PM unveils AI ‘adviser’ to tell him what people think in real time
  223. Unlocking the Secrets of Deep Learning with Tensorleap’s Explainability Platform
  224. Connectivity: A Hungarian globalisation strategy
  225. Polygon Launches Decentralized ID Service Powered By ZK Proofs – The Defiant
  226. A Privacy Hero’s Final Wish: An Institute to Redirect AI’s Future
  227. COPE: AI Tools Aren’t Authors. Philosophers: Not So Fast | Daily Nous
  228. What We Know About Hunter Biden and Those Investigating Him
  229. Why I’m sticking up for science
  230. The Betrayal of Adam Smith
  231. Introducing ChatGPT and Whisper APIs
  232. On Thinking and Simulated Thinking
  233. The Worlds of Italo Calvino
  234. Who Owns the Generative AI Platform? | Andreessen Horowitz
  235. Why Uncontrollable AI Looks More Likely Than Ever
  236. Metaverse creator Neal Stephenson on the future of virtual reality
  237. For Chat-Based AI, We Are All Once Again Tech Companies’ Guinea Pigs
  238. Market Map: Generative AI for Virtual Worlds
  239. Opinion | ChatGPT Heralds an Intellectual Revolution
  240. Planning for AGI and beyond
  241. Prompt Engineering Is Probably More Important Than You Think
  242. My class required AI. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.
  243. Whispers of A.I.’s Modular Future
  244. 12ft |
  245. Philip Rosedale Launches New Project Using What He Learned Building a Successful Virtual World Economy to Fight Inequality in the Real World
  246. FUTUROID LTD people – Find and update company information – GOV.UK
  247. South Korea’s First Attempt at Going Nuclear
  248. Arts and crafts ideas, with instructions for a toddler using only cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, paper and string – Search
  249. ChatGPT Is a Blurry JPEG of the Web
  250. How to Criticize with Kindness: Philosopher Daniel Dennett on the Four Steps to Arguing Intelligently
  251. Technology over the long run: zoom out to see how dramatically the world can change within a lifetime
  252. Stanford Researcher develops a simple prompting strategy that enables open-source LLMs with 30x fewer parameters to exceed the few-shot performance of GPT3-175B
  253. Beneficial AGI 2019 – Future of Life Institute
  254. Alien Supercivilizations Absent from 100,000 Nearby Galaxies
  255. All my classes suddenly became AI classes
  256. No ‘second law of entanglement’ after all, claims study
  257. Carried Interest Explained: How it Works and Who it Benefits | Odin Venture
  258. How to raise a $33m Series A during an economic downturn
  259. Chi ha paura di ChatGpt a Scuola? Impariamo piuttosto a collaborarci – Agenda Digitale
  260. Teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts (Critical Thinking) to all students
  261. Journalists (And Others) Should Leave Twitter. Here’s How They Can Get Started
  262. Pluralistic: John Deere’s repair fake-out; Good riddance to the Open Gaming License (12 Jan 2023) – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  263. Here’s everything new that will support Matter from CES
  264. What is chokepoint capitalism? Authors Cory Doctorow and Rebecca Giblin discuss
  265. Mapping the pioneering Israeli Generative AI startups | CTech
  266. AI and the Big Five
  267. Deflation vs. inflation – a response to Peter Zeihan on Joe Rogan
  268. THE LAWS OF IDENTITY – Kim Cameron’s Identity Weblog
  269. Transhumanism and Space Exploration Track
  270. Pluralistic: 09 Nov 2022 Delegating trust is really, really, really hard (infosec edition) – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  271. Annotated history of modern AI and deep neural networks
  272. The Measure of a Life Well Lived: Henry Miller on Growing Old, the Perils of Success, and the Secret of Remaining Young at Heart
  273. Is Europe Just Not Good at Innovating? – Bert Hubert’s writings
  274. The brief history of artificial intelligence: The world has changed fast – what might be next?
  275. Here’s What I Saw at an AI Hackathon
  276. Putin’s War: The Inside Story of a Catastrophe
  277. PAM, TAM, SAM, SOM. 4 main indexes for business evaluation | by Alexey Shabarshin | DataDrivenInvestor
  278. Artists can now opt out of the next version of Stable Diffusion
  279. Danny O’Brien’s Oblomovka » Blog Archive » On Stable Diffusion
  280. I Built an AI Chatbot Based On My Favorite Podcast
  281. AI from Superintelligence to ChatGPT – Works in Progress
  282. Inside Google’s Quest to Digitize Troops’ Tissue Samples
  283. Consoles and Competition
  284. Pluralistic: Freedom of reach IS freedom of speech (10 Dec 2022) – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  285. Esri Hosts WWW Conference—Reinventing the Art of Conversation
  286. Cory Doctorow Wants You to Know What Computers Can and Can’t Do
  287. Building A Virtual Machine inside ChatGPT
  288. Coverwise: Preventivo
  289. Structural Adjustment: How The IMF And World Bank Repress Poor Countries And Funnel Their Resources To Rich Ones
  290. Generative AI: A Creative New World
  291. Bitcoin’s last stand
  292. An Investigation into the use of Non-Fungible Tokens on College Campuses
  293. Embrace what may be the most important green technology ever. It could save us all | George Monbiot
  294. How did transhumanism become the religion of the super-rich?
  295. Human-free farms could solve a major food problem
  296. What does Meta AI’s Diplomacy-winning Cicero Mean for AI?
  297. How to Land a Great Job in the Tech Recession
  298. Separated Identical Twins Raised In The US And Korea Have Massive IQ Difference
  299. What AI-Generated Art Really Means for Human Creativity
  300. From a Shadow Constitution to a Network State
  301. Plants use their epigenetic memories to adapt to climate change
  302. Dear Crypto & Fiat Bros – The Price of Freedom Is Responsibility |
  303. The Distributed Computing Manifesto
  304. The Visions of Octavia Butler
  305. ‘A Fire Upon the Deep’ Is Mind-Blowing Space Opera
  306. The Jewish Community Returns to Sicily | City Journal
  307. DAVID BRIN: Do We Really Want Immortality?
  308. Ultimate Guide on KPIs – Incl. List of 200 KPIs for Businesses | Insights by MoreThanDigital
  309. In Danimarca è nato il Partito Sintetico guidato da una IA che vuole un seggio in parlamento
  310. The FTX-Alameda nexus
  311. The Metaverse explained – Definition, Introduction and Examples – MoreThanDigital
  312. (1) Facebook
  313. American data spies will never care where the servers are
  314. Open Metaverse Alliance Says It Won’t Let Meta Define the Future of the Internet – Decrypt
  315. Decentralization Report, by the SingularityNET Supervisory Council
  316. How to Leave Dying Social Media Platforms
  317. Researchers Identify ‘Master Problem’ Underlying All Cryptography | Quanta Magazine
  318. Chi fu Enrico Mattei – Il Post
  319. The Only Crypto Story You Need, by Matt Levine
  320. Superintelligence Will Not Be Controlled – Cybersecurity Magazine
  321. You’re Temporarily Blocked
  322. How Reading Is Like Love: Italo Calvino on the Ecstasy of Surrendering to Other Dimensions of Experience
  323. Speech by Governor Waller on the U.S. dollar and central bank digital currencies
  324. Daniela Tafani, What’s wrong with “AI ethics” narratives | Bollettino telematico di filosofia politica
  325. 10 things we should all demand from Big Tech right now
  326. Retaining Human Responsibility in the Development and Use of Autonomous Weapon Systems: On Accountability for Violations of International Humanitarian Law Involving AWS | SIPRI
  327. Q&A with Emad Mostaque
  328. Why I think there’s a one-in-six chance of an imminent global nuclear war – LessWrong
  329. New holographic lens aims to solve several AR display problems
  330. AI music generators could be a boon for artists — but also problematic
  331. The Illustrated Stable Diffusion
  332. Trust in AI and Robotics
  333. The EU wants to put companies on the hook for harmful AI
  334. How Big Is Infinity? | Quanta Magazine
  335. What to read to become a better writer
  336. Why I think strong general AI is coming soon – LessWrong
  337. Crypto, really. Part II: non-fungible tokens
  338. Sixty-two of the Best Documentaries of All Time
  339. COMIC: How living on Mars time taught me to slow down
  340. How to Launch a DAO – Decrypt
  341. Guide to Remote Work Team Building – Over 25 Activities & Tips
  342. I Talked to Elon Musk about Journalism and the Blood Emeralds Story
  343. National IQ is the Best Predictor of Economic Growth
  344. Midjourney Image Prompting
  345. America’s Open Wound
  346. Prompt injection attacks against GPT-3
  347. Talking to whales: can AI bridge the chasm between our consciousness and other animals?
  348. AI transforming movie production at Disney – with more to come
  349. Will Artificial Intelligence Kill College Writing?
  350. “An engine for the imagination”: an interview with David Holz, CEO of AI image generator Midjourney
  351. Of God and Machines
  352. No future: Regulator orders political prediction market to shut down in U.S.
  353. A New Prediction Market Lets Investors Bet Big on Almost Anything
  354. Jeremy Bailenson talks about 1,000,000 Walmart employees training with VR, presence, and the VR “empathy machine”
  355. How Claude Shannon’s Concept of Entropy Quantifies Information | Quanta Magazine
  356. On Technique
  357. The EU’s AI Act could have a chilling effect on open source efforts, experts warn
  358. Bergamo avrà una museo d’arte contemporanea tutto nuovo
  359. The Feds shut down the internet’s most popular prediction market
  360. Hangul and the Story of the Korean Language
  361. NASA and China are eyeing the same landing sites near the lunar south pole – SpaceNews
  362. These smart farms are 100 times more productive than traditional agriculture
  363. Energy to Waste – Fossil Fuels’ Dirty Secret
  364. What is Web3? How a decentralized internet could upend the digital economy – CB Insights Research
  365. What If Trump Has Been a Russian Asset Since 1987?
  366. The Insider’s Guide to Data Rooms: What to Know Before You Raise
  367. Horse-human cooperation is a neurobiological miracle | Aeon Essays
  368. Biobanks are on the Cusp of Translating Big Data Into New Medicine – NEO.LIFE
  369. How the Inside of a Black Hole Is Secretly on the Outside
  370. Google’s New Robot Learned to Take Orders by Scraping the Web
  371. 9 of the best Italian novels set in Italy and Italian authors you should know
  372. Render Recap – August 16, 2022
  373. HAI Policy Boot Camp: 5 Insights for Lawmakers
  374. Does Time Really Flow? New Clues Come From a Century-Old Approach to Math.
  375. Code, Speech, and the Tornado Cash Mixer
  376. Opinion | Modi’s India Is Where Global Democracy Dies
  377. Lofi Girl Returns: YouTube Apologizes For Removing Popular Music Stream Due To ‘Abusive’ Copyright Notice
  378. The approaching tsunami of addictive AI-created content will overwhelm us
  379. 22 Messages of Hope (and Science) for Creationists
  380. The Radical Scope of Tesla’s Data Horde
  381. (38) Quantum Progress: A Quantum Tech Analysis-Writing Service for You | LinkedIn
  382. Solving the rock-hard problem of nuclear waste disposal
  383. 6 Tips for Writing an Effective Performance Review –
  384. How Google evolved performance management to drive top performance across its growing workforce
  385. As a startup founder, you really need to understand how venture capital works – TechCrunch
  386. ‘Dyslexia Is My Superpower’: How Learning Differently Helped Richard Branson Become a Rule-Breaking Billionaire
  387. The list
  388. Around the World One Book from Each Country (1201 books)
  389. Ambassadors Recommend the One Book to Read Before Visiting Their Country
  390. Elon Musk’s article in China Cyberspace, exclusive digital version & translation
  391. The Computer Scientist Trying to Teach AI to Learn Like We Do | Quanta Magazine
  392. Google Search Is Quietly Damaging Democracy
  393. Is everything in the world a little bit conscious?
  394. Electrifying transportation reduces emissions AND saves massive amounts of energy » Yale Climate Connections
  395. Inside Hollywood’s Visual Effects Crisis | Defector
  396. The Crypto Geniuses Who Vaporized a Trillion Dollars
  397. India is reinventing its energy strategy—and the climate may depend on it
  398. Was Lebanon the world’s biggest Ponzi scheme?
  399. You’re Temporarily Blocked
  400. Will AI target your job next?
  401. Productivity Gains Could Propel The AI Software Market To $14 Trillion By 2030 – ARK Invest
  402. Bitcoin Is Time |
  403. Economic analysis of private DeFi: the true cost of privacy
  404. The Metaverse Is Not a Place
  405. A.I. Is Not Sentient. Why Do People Say It Is?
  406. Inverted Yield Curve: Definition, History & Impact
  407. Post navigation
  408. Huge “foundation models” are turbo-charging AI progress
  409. Whatever Happened to the Transhumanists?
  410. Former Japanese defense minister calls for “United Nations 2.0”
  411. Noam Chomsky on Where Artificial Intelligence Went Wrong
  412. The AI Battle Rages On
  413. The Black Hole Information Paradox Comes to an End
  414. Douglas Engelbart | Hidden Heroes
  415. ‘No Aliens, No Spaceships, No Invasion of Earth’
  416. Eco-extremism has brought Sri Lanka to its knees
  417. Lo “pseudo-copyright” sui beni culturali: ecco perché è un problema tutto italiano – Agenda Digitale
  418. Google Has a Genius Method for Discovering Top Talent–No Degree or Experience Required
  419. The Webb Space Telescope Will Rewrite Cosmic History. If It Works.
  420. Russia’s Hunger War
  421. Can AI write good novels?
  422. Here’s the Secret Behind Tesla’s Industry-Leading Margins | The Motley Fool
  423. U.S. Copyright Office Rules A.I. Art Can’t Be Copyrighted
  424. ‘A.I. Is Being Trained on the Collective Works of Humanity’: How Artists Are Using Image Generators to Usher in the New ‘Recombinant Art’ Movement | Artnet News
  425. Inside a radical new project to democratize AI
  426. Modeling the Human Trajectory – Open Philanthropy
  427. The limits of knowledge
  428. A Spa Day in Seoul
  429. NIST unveils four algorithms that will underpin new ‘quantum-proof’ cryptography standards
  430. Movies with 99% Tomatometer Scores on Rotten Tomatoes
  431. Get Ready for the Forever Plague | The Tyee
  432. The Dangerous Populist Science of Yuval Noah Harari ❧ Current Affairs
  433. Surprise: the Big Bang isn’t the beginning of the universe anymore
  434. Almost Perfect: 55 Movies With 99 Percent Ratings on Rotten Tomatoes
  435. Opinion | Gary Gensler’s Bitcoin Regulation Grab
  436. Why foundation models in AI need to be released responsibly
  437. Free database to 107 million research papers released online
  438. 💡 David Deutsch: Optimism, Pessimism and Cynicism
  439. No power, no fans, no AC: The villagers fighting to survive India’s deadly heatwaves
  440. Introducing M.AI by MONTREAL.AI
  441. Trading Dries Up on India Crypto Exchanges as New Tax Kicks In
  442. DeepMind’s AI develops popular policy for distributing public money
  443. The 30-year-old comic book that became a Silicon Valley bible
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