David Orban

Staying power of important images

I wonder if sometime this could be seen as the zeitgeist of these years: the home page of the RoboCup organization has Cosimo’s penalty kick picture after a year of the event. There is a lot of symbolism it in actually.

The Three Domains of Unknown

I always used to try and distinguish when attacking a problem between what I call “The Three Domains of Unknown”: 1. questions for which the answers are obvious (70%)2. questions for which I can find the answers (20%)3. questions that I am not even aware I’d need to be asking (10%). These latter ones are …

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Robot vs Human Penalty Kick Movie

There is a new 28MB movie clip of the penalty kick between Hits Dream and Cosimo on the Fraunhofer Institute’s site covering the humanoid robot league of RoboCup 2003.

First ever humanoid Robot vs Human competition at RoboCup2003?

I visited RoboCup 2003 in Padua, Italy today, and my son Cosimo was chosen from the public as goalkeeper, to defend against Hits Dream’s penalty kicks. Hits Dream is a fully autonomous humanoid robot built by the Honda International Technical School‘s team led by Shuji Imura. (I am not sure, if actually the name of …

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