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AI Safety and Alignment of LLMs

I had the pleasure of welcoming back Francesco Mosconi, an AI expert with extensive experience in data science to Searching For The Question. We had a conversation around the critical topic of AI safety, focusing on the practical aspects of designing, training, aligning, and deploying advanced large language models that perform as intended while avoiding […]

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Society Has The Most To Lose By Disrespecting Privacy

Today’s debate in society about the right balance between privacy and security is extremely misguided. The assumption is that society cannot afford privacy because it would jeopardize security, but it turns out that privacy is not only an advantage to the individual. It is an essential component of adaptable communities that need to recognize evolving

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What is property, and who decides it? Is your music yours?

I received a letter yesterday from Michael Robertson, a friend of mine and founder of MP3tunes. His company’s mission is to let people listen to their music wherever they want, and on any device they want. Recently EMI sued him, claiming that he was infringing EMI’s copyright by implementing the services that MP3tunes offers to

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Computer security and AGI

That spam filters would be the first computer systems to wake up, has been a part of the AI lore for some time. There is a steep evolutionary trajectory forced upon the algorithms by the relentless pressure of incoming spam adapting itself to changing conditions. At the same time, the complex system made up by

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Pirates’ market

Pirates’ market Originally uploaded by david.orban. Inside this market all types of software can be found on conveniently assembled CDs or DVDs. A typical price for a CD is 100 rubles ( about 4 dollars, or 3 euro), independently of the content. You can find the latest releases of Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007,

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iPod-enabled companywide spying

We have started working with Centennial, who makes a software package letting companies manage their policies regarding USB-attached devices, called DeviceWall. Consequently I am now paying more attention to these issues, and just saw the news (via Cnet, through Slashdot, through Diggdot) of a new program that lets an iPod user ‘slurp’ the data off

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