David Orban

AI Agents and Finance

I met with Matteo Fabro, an AI innovator on a mission to disrupt financial research and analysis. With degrees in International Economics and Finance from Università Bocconi as well as Music from the Conservatory of Music C. Pollini, Matteo brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creative thinking. He has experience developing deep learning […]

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Technological Optimism and e/acc

One of the most interesting ideas that has recently emerged is e/acc, effective accelerationism. Below is a live conversation on this topic with Giulio Prisco, in Italian, followed by the edited English translation. Giulio Prisco is a renowned futurist, cosmist, and proponent of effective accelerationism (e/acc). Discover the fascinating intersection of technology, philosophy, and the

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On AI Copyrights

The following is the edited transcript of a presentation delivered at the conference of the IACAI AI Copyright Agency in Seoul on April 29, 2024 As AI systems become increasingly adept at creating and generating content, existing legal frameworks must be re-evaluated to balance innovation and the rights of human creators. What are the key

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The Progress Of Quantum Technologies

In this converastion with Amara Graps, we discussed quantum technologies and her work with analyzing and communicating their progress to a divers audience of researchers, managers, and investors. Amara is a former planetary scientist who has pivoted to the field of quantum technologies. Amara shares her journey and the challenges she faced during the pandemic

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Remembering Vernor Vinge: A 2008 Interview on the Technological Singularity

Vernor Vinge passed away recently. He was a visionary science fiction writer and thinker who greatly influenced our understanding of the potential future of technology. He presented the concept of Technological Singularity at NASA in 1993. I want to share an interview I conducted with Vernor on March 31, 2008, in which we discussed his

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AI Safety and Alignment of LLMs

I had the pleasure of welcoming back Francesco Mosconi, an AI expert with extensive experience in data science to Searching For The Question. We had a conversation around the critical topic of AI safety, focusing on the practical aspects of designing, training, aligning, and deploying advanced large language models that perform as intended while avoiding

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