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The Progress Of Quantum Technologies

In this converastion with Amara Graps, we discussed quantum technologies and her work with analyzing and communicating their progress to a divers audience of researchers, managers, and investors. Amara is a former planetary scientist who has pivoted to the field of quantum technologies. Amara shares her journey and the challenges she faced during the pandemic

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My Video Transcription And Editing Process

Transcribing and editing transcription of a video involves several straightforward steps. 1. Initially, identify the correct URL for the video and input it into the chosen downloader. While it’s preferable to download only the audio, availability varies based on the platform used. Optionally, to ease the upload process, you might extract the audio from the

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Rehan School – Innovation in Education in Pakistan

I had the opportunity to sit down with Rehan Allahwala, the founder of Rehan School, and the recipient of the 2024 BOLD Award, to discuss about his innovative approach to education. Rehan shares his journey of starting the school in 2011 to educate 160 million Pakistanis who couldn’t read or write. He discusses the evolution

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AI-powered startup coaching with Actioneer

Actioneer is a new AI-powered startup coaching platform seeking to make high-quality advice and mentorship affordable and accessible to founders globally, helping unlock entrepreneurship and enable more people to find solutions, create jobs/wealth, and design exciting, satisfying lives. Passionate and talented people are everywhere in the world. They apply their talents to solving the problems

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Quieting the Busy Mind

I lived alone for three months while my wife was in Seoul, for the first time in 40 years.  In today’s world we receive a constant stimulation of inputs, and requests for outputs, in the search for efficiency, and the effort of reaching our goals. Without trying, I unexpectedly discovered how much I enjoy solitude, and

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Half Life of Skills

When deciding what is worth developing in terms of professional skills, there is an important concept to consider, and I would like to talk about it: the Half Life of Skills. I’m often asked for advice about skills that are worth developing or learning, and I am always very happy to provide my feedback. These

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Methods and Tools for Learning in the 21st Century

Learning not only the pieces of knowledge, but the additional tools that are dearly needed in order to be active, thriving components in today’s and tomorrow’s society is key. Evidently, current academic and educational institutions are not up to the job, while gamification, Learn to Earn and other components in moving to a decentralized system

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