AI-powered startup coaching with Actioneer

Actioneer is a new AI-powered startup coaching platform seeking to make high-quality advice and mentorship affordable and accessible to founders globally, helping unlock entrepreneurship and enable more people to find solutions, create jobs/wealth, and design exciting, satisfying lives.

The Context S06E06 Become An Actioneer

Passionate and talented people are everywhere in the world. They apply their talents to solving the problems they see around themselves, improving the lives of their communities, and becoming successful and wealthy. The Silicon Valley startup model has been extremely successful and changed the world around us. However, participating in that world used to require being physically present in Silicon Valley. Now we have a global infrastructure where all kinds of ideas can flourish, driven by founders and teams anywhere in the world, or even with remote team members. 

One component, however, has not evolved as much as it could have – the coaching, advice and mentorship that founders need to navigate challenges in developing their projects. This kind of help is a scarce and valuable resource. I know because over decades, I’ve helped many startups and seen how well-received quality advice can be, especially by founders ready to listen not just to me but to all advisors, investors, and the market. 

These “coachable” founders are key to startup success. Maybe one in a million stubborn founders can succeed by sticking to their original idea. But more often, founders must adapt and change as they learn about the market, users, and minimum viable products. The concepts of minimum viable product and product-market fit recognize this need to pivot.

The advent of AI is now eliminating the barrier to delivering high-quality startup coaching at scale. That is why I founded Actioneer – an AI-powered startup coaching platform providing affordable, high-quality advice to founders globally. With an internet connection, advice is now available anywhere. 

Compared to high-end strategic advisory, Actioneer is radically more affordable and accessible, potentially reaching not just thousands but millions more people. Entrepreneurship is a great way to find solutions, create jobs and wealth. I want to help as many people as possible unlock their inner entrepreneur and design exciting, satisfying lives. 

Actioneer will help countless people find and empower the entrepreneur inside themselves. You can already join our waitlist on I’ll be glad if you do, and you’ll receive updates as we develop the platform with our beta testers until we’re ready to open the doors to AI-powered startup coaching for everyone.