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Digital Biology

Probably the most important immediate benefit that you can derive from digital biology, is the mRNA vaccine against COVID-19. This has been developed, tested. and then produced based on our increased knowledge about what is the digital basis of biology, and how it works. But there are many other benefits as well: from understanding your …

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Thinking the Unthinkable

Even if you are not a science fiction author, you are now living in a science fictional world, where your daily life is unthinkable. If you were to meet yourself from four months ago, and give updates, even in vague terms about today, you would not believe what you are hearing. However, in a new …

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Open Source Fighting COVID-19

Society wants to incentivise creativity and private enterprise. Copyrights patents and trademarks have emerged as a protection of what we today call intellectual property. There are plenty of examples when these serve a useful purpose, however excessive extensions to the expiration of copyright as well as harmful patent trolls show the negative side of this …

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Culture of Remote Teams

For a long time now technology made it possible for teams whose members are not physically together to collaborate effectively. There are multi billion dollar companies with over a thousand employees, and no offices. With the effectiveness of the social distancing measures due to the COVD-19 pandemic, we are seeing a much wider interest about …

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Growth Factor illustration

Keep An Eye On The Growth Factor

None of those who follow my posts or videos have missed the exponential nature of the spread of COVID-19. Those people are surprised, who are not used to seeing the progressive doubling even if it starts from an apparently negligible basis become disruptive. There are many considerations to be made, and lessons that will hopefully …

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Online Conferences Are Real

The experience of online events can evolve to be different, but as real and valuable and that of physical ones. If you are a conference organizer, a speaker, an exhibitor, these days you are scrambling with the restructuring of your activities. What we have to aim for is to recognize the differences between the two …

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Mental Health

We must be alert to each other, and make sure human relationships, augmented by technology, allow us to nurture our mental health. Talking about mental health must become as natural and widespread as talking about. Mental health is a delicate subject that we are not accustomed to address. There are a lot of biases around the …

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We’ve been doing geoengineering, transforming our environment, since the beginning of human civilization. In the past many effects appeared only local, or at most continental, while today they are global. The flow of real time information enhances our ability to assess the impact of the changes in the environment. The responsibility is ours to take …

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