Thinking the Unthinkable

Even if you are not a science fiction author, you are now living in a science fictional world, where your daily life is unthinkable.

If you were to meet yourself from four months ago, and give updates, even in vague terms about today, you would not believe what you are hearing. However, in a new environment, where extreme variability makes scenarios with low probability become real, being able to anticipate, and potentially to plan for the unthinkable is a valuable skill.

It has happened in the past already, and many times. A fervent monarchist, racist, or homophobe, in their respective times and environments, would not have believed that their world could change so radically, and that they would have to adapt to the new normal.

What are the parameters that you can play with from the origin of the virus, to the dynamics of the infection, the strength of the immunity acquired, which each give rise to a different world? You may very well be living in one of those worlds, of the unthinkable. Don’t you want to be prepared for it?

If you catch glimpses of the probabilities collapsing around one of the scenarios, and that it is running the risk to become real, you can decide to act on that, in the knowledge that your preparedness gives you a better chance of being ready, and to be able to adapt.