Topic Extraction

Flooded by increasing amounts of data, we need ever more evolved tools to be able to interpret them and to act upon them.

Artificial Intelligence tools, based on natural language processing, image recognition using neural networks, and via many other approaches, are assisting us to understand the information, including what we ourselves produce.

Today computer based image classification has a superhuman performance, and your online photo storage systems don’t require any manual tagging on your part. You can find the photo you want by searching as you give a description of the contents of the photo that you want.

With The Context I have been producing videos now for almost a year, and recently I increased my output many times with the new live series Searching For The Question Live, Qual è la domanda Live and Network Society Ventures Pitching Live. Even if the transcripts of these are available, and have been for supporters on Patreon since the beginning, and many appreciate the speed that reading a text allows as compared to watching the videos, now the volume of text is starting to be overwhelming as well.

I’m starting a new series of experiments to apply modern tools of topic extraction and visualization, that allow the quick analysis of text by concentrating on the key words and concepts in it, and promote the exploration of relationships, to gain new perspectives and insights about it.