Open Live Pitching of Startups to Investors

Startups meet investors pitching their projects, using a presentation deck to illustrate the challenge they want to solve, the solution they want to implement, and several other elements of a successful presentation.

The process and the structure of these meetings has been often unclear to startups, and in today’s world need to adapt to a new reality.

I’ve started with Network Society Ventures a new open and live startup pitching series, Network Society Ventures Pitching Live (NSVPL), streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Fifteen minutes of presentation are followed by fifteen minutes of questions, both from me, as well as from anyone following the presentation online.

NSVPL is open to startups from all over the world, and can be leveraged by incubators and accelerators that want to feature the best projects graduating from their cohorts.

Do you have a candidate startup that you’d like to see on NSVPL? Do you want to partner with NSVPL? Let me know!