Digital Biology

Probably the most important immediate benefit that you can derive from digital biology, is the mRNA vaccine against COVID-19.

This has been developed, tested. and then produced based on our increased knowledge about what is the digital basis of biology, and how it works. But there are many other benefits as well: from understanding your ancestry, your treats and the predisposition to certain types of health conditions,

The shape, and the function of certain molecules, thanks to evolutionary pressure, became the language for programming those functions through the shapes, the proteins express certain functions as veritable molecular machines. The programming language that the biological operating system uses is DNA. We are starting to understand how from DNA through RNA and ribosomes, the recipe for creating certain proteins, ie molecular machines, influences what we are.

Digital biology, the understanding the digital nature of biology is a huge achievement that we are still in the process of completely unlocking. It is going to shape the world.