We Are All on Mars

Isn’t it fantastic? We are all on Mars!

Yes, you too! You cannot directly feel the wind of the thin atmosphere on your hand in the freezing temperature. You cannot feel the lack of oxygen by breathing in the carbon dioxide rich atmosphere or jump high under weak gravity at the red Sunrise over the Martian desert. But we are still all on Mars.

Our civilization has been able to produce the knowledge, and corral the resources that allowed millions of parts working together, and successfully land our latest envoy, and explorer. It will roam, watch, dig and sense. And we will receive and perceive its transmissions, collate and analyze its data.

There are naysayers, there are those who say, “Oh, it’s worthless to go to Mars, it’s worthless to aim and and understand and to feel that yearning and adventure is not what you should feel.” I am sure that many times those people are simply wrong, because even if they don’t realize, they are on Mars, with you and I. They are part of it too. They are part of humanity and our adventure.

Especially those among us who are able to inspire billions and make us feel the emotions that we feel when we succeed in our highest dreams. The most audacious aspirations.

These Martian adventures are not only emotionally uplifting but very practically benefit all of humanity. It is so important to explore, to understand, to fulfill the dreams of expanding the human race in the universe!