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Our First Interstellar Mission: Breakthrough Starshot

I had the opportunity to speak with Pete Worden, the director of the Breakthrough Initiatives, aiming to leverage cutting edge technology to enable interstellar travel of automated probes, the Starshot project. Pete Worden, the head of the Breakthrough Starshot initiative, has always been fascinated by the idea of interstellar travel. He believes that now is […]

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Space, robotics and artificial intelligence

I gave a speech at Festival delle Idee, hosted by Space Meetings Veneto, on space, robotics and artificial intelligence, in conversation with Francesca Ponzecchi. I believe we are at the beginning of a new era of exploration and opportunity, made possible by extraordinary technical advances that are lowering the costs of access to space and

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Technological Optimism and e/acc

One of the most interesting ideas that has recently emerged is e/acc, effective accelerationism. Below is a live conversation on this topic with Giulio Prisco, in Italian, followed by the edited English translation. Giulio Prisco is a renowned futurist, cosmist, and proponent of effective accelerationism (e/acc). Discover the fascinating intersection of technology, philosophy, and the

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Why I Don’t Want to Travel Faster Than Light?

The following is the edited transcript of a talk entitled “Ontological Cosmology” I gave in New York City in 2014. I am revisiting older recordings and use AI to clean up the text, making it more readable. Ontological Cosmology What we are going to discuss here is entirely speculative. It will likely prove controversial for

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Memetic Engineering

The purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk is a concrete step in understanding how the evolution of ideas can be turned into mathematics and mimetic engineering, which will play an increasingly fundamental role in a world dominated by Artificial Intelligence and advanced technologies. Technology is feeding on itself. It is the expression of our understanding

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Is Space Tourism Worth it?

With the launch of the suborbital flights of Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin there have been a lot of online and offline conversations around how society should look at these initiatives, positively or negatively. They do represent a good example to evaluate the interactions and the implications of allocating private wealth, and driving a common

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