Dreaming Impossible Dreams

Is it worth dreaming impossible dreams?

Think about it. What is the alternative? Should you not dream at all, or only dream, reasonable dreams? It is, I believe our nature to yearn for the impossible, and fail, or against all odds and all expectations, even our own, achieve it. Achieving impossible goals is what we have been doing for thousands of years. Improbable, unthinkable, impossible!. And we are now living in a world that thousands of years ago people like us have only dreamt about.

As with many things, if you don’t try, you are guaranteeing that it is not going to happen. And if you try and it doesn’t happen, you may learn a lot of things along the way.

Now, whether we are talking about space whether we are talking about reforming a nation, scientific exploration, or a new art form, writing a novel, or preparing for a profession, searching and finding a person to love and spend your life with… dreams like these are exhilarating and fantastic and uplifting and they are wonderful to share.

The value, for example, of space exploration is in itself, because of the technological benefits of what we are able to do and learn and apply in so many different areas on Earth. But space exploration, as a metaphor of our desire to explore, of our desire to understand, is maybe even more precious, more valuable in inspiring us to attempt what we want to achieve as individuals and as a civilization.