Transhumanism is a philosophical movement that advocates for the transformation of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies able to greatly modify or enhance human intellect and physiology.

Technological Optimism and e/acc

One of the most interesting ideas that has recently emerged is e/acc, effective accelerationism. Below is a live conversation on this topic with Giulio Prisco, in Italian, followed by the edited English translation. Giulio Prisco is a renowned futurist, cosmist, and proponent of effective accelerationism (e/acc). Discover the fascinating intersection of technology, philosophy, and the […]

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Interview about the Singularity

I’ll be speaking at a conference in the Italian city of Roverero about the Technological Singularity and I have been interviewed for a local newspaper L’Adige. The following is a slightly edited translation of the interview. “Artificial Intelligence, the New Renaissance”By Laura Modena David Orban will be the special guest at the festival “Informatici senza

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Intelligence Augmentation

Intelligence augmentation is the ability to complement our biological natural faculties of reasoning with new ones based on cultural and technological advances. Even something as fundamental as speaking, and understanding speech is not entirely just biological. From speech, to writing, the printing press, and electronic communications, the process has been long and important. It vastly

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When a Friend Dies

My friend Scott Mize died last week from the consequences of a stroke that he received while walking around San Francisco a few days earlier. Maybe because we die for the first time, breaking a chain of life billions of years long, it is shocking. Or maybe my life is particularly lucky, and with the

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You are a transhuman. The very definition of the human condition is the necessity to adapt to change. In our current times the pace of change has accelerated, and technology is transforming our world, is transforming us ever more radically. If we didn’t change with technology, we would not survive. From cooking food with fire,

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Spectrum of Abilities

We have many skills, many senses, many ways of coping with the world, absorbing the information, changing it, structuring it, and then acting on it. As our civilization evolves, the technologies that we invent and deploy complement our biological skills, with nonhuman or even superhuman abilities. There is an interesting interpretation of our fairly recent

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Interviewed on exponentials, implants and mind uploading

The radio transmission Eta Beta of RAI Radio 1 conducted by Massimo Cerofolini talked about transhumanism in the episode entitled L’ultima sfida dei padroni della Rete: l’immortalità (The ultimate challenge of masters of the Web: Immortality),aired May 28, 2015. I talked, interviewed on Singularity University, on the radical life extension and the mind uploading. Massimo

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On Becoming A Cyborg

When I implanted an NFC chip in my left hand about two months ago at the Singularity University Summit Europe in Amsterdam, I followed the tradition of our species that a hundred thousand years or more ago decided to become a cyborg. The NFC chip, sold through the aptly named Dangerous Things website, is embedded

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The evolving human condition

Human technological civilization existed on the planet for ten thousand years, and has had an effect strong enough all around for this period to be called the Antropocene by Nobel Prize winning chemist Paul Krutzen. It is not exactly clear how people lived twenty or thirty thousand years ago, with idealistic views about communal sharing

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Anders Sandberg, and the Ethics of Uploading

  Whole Brain Emulation is going to create synthetic humans, if the functionalist point of view of neuroscience is right, by implementing their thought processes in forthcoming hardware, and software systems, which could arrive as early as the middle of this century. What are the rights of these uploads? How will their existence impact our

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