Dubai Will Transform

Dubai is like being on Mars.

It is a pretty unique place that shows how a hostile environment can give rise to a thriving human community. The major difference is a force of gravity of 1.0 g rather than 0.37 g.

I’m exaggerating of course. In Dubai, the air is breathable when you leave the enclosed air-conditioned hotels or shopping malls. Dubai doesn’t need to generate its air, but it needs to generate its water and energy. It will also radically change how these things are generated because it is doing it unsustainably, and it has to become completely sustainable, like everything else on planet Earth. The Martian colonies are going to be the same; a Martian colony that is not 100% sustainable is not going to survive, and 99.999% is not enough either.

I have been here in Dubai speaking at the CoinAgenda Blockchain conference, and I am intrigued by how unique the place is. I am looking forward to learning more about Dubai, and how it is going to keep reinventing itself. Maybe developing sustainable technologies that it can commercialize all over Earth, and sell to the Martians until they learn even more, and sell it back to us on planet Earth.