Waves of Adoption in Crypto

When there is a powerful movement like Blockchain, Bitcoin and Crypto, people who discover it have to learn through important and sometimes painful lessons.

The early adopters have to step up to their role of being the teachers and the tolerant, welcoming group so that the new adopters feel comfortable and can in turn adopt the same role, maybe a few years later.

When Bitcoin was born, it was really just for geeks, for people who were already interested in monetary systems or in cryptography; they were prepared mentally, but also they had the skills that were needed in order to understand the implications, and to do the experiments with the primitive tools available at the time. Today, we are in a completely different world: easy platforms, apps on our phones, or on the web are available for practically anyone who uses a smartphone.

NFTs, Non Fungible Tokens, are not only about collecting digital art, the metaverse is not only about playing interactive 3D games that in some way integrate Blockchain and represent digitally the loyalty of players that are dedicated everyday to the platform. DeFi is not only about replicating the existing features of the banking system on the Blockchain. Each of these and the new applications that will be discovered, extend the abilities that we have, and potentially benefit billions. There will be new waves and the newcomers will become the early adopters in the eyes of the next wave again, and I hope that tolerance and the welcoming culture will characterize each of these in order for the Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency world to be empowering people all around the world.