For the record

I like a lot, but their choice of what to save sometimes differs from mine: I’d rather take a snapshot of what the homepage of looks like right now… robocup-homepage Originally uploaded by david.orban.

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Playing with Flickr

“This is a test post from , a fancy photo sharing thing.” says the test post generated by Flickr itself. Maybe they are a bit too sticky, requiring registration for the most basic display of photos, too? The flash based photo roll thay I inserted in the right hand column of the blog is really

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The Three Domains of Unknown

I always used to try and distinguish when attacking a problem between what I call “The Three Domains of Unknown”: 1. questions for which the answers are obvious (70%)2. questions for which I can find the answers (20%)3. questions that I am not even aware I’d need to be asking (10%). These latter ones are

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