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Since humankind has appeared on the planet, technology has had an ever wider and deeper impact on its evolution. Does human intelligence represent a unique and unrepeatable element? Will it be replicated? And if this happens will it be a shocking development equal to the discontinuity of humanity’s arrival? What will happen to humankind itself?

Technological Singularity is the moment when Artificial Intelligence could take over. Forecasted in 20-30 years from now, for many experts it is one of the most promising but also the most dangerous moments in human history.

This book exposes in an accessible way what the consequences could be of the increasing acceleration of technological change and how artificial intelligences could change many, perhaps all, the rules that guide our knowledge of the world.

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The rate of acceleration of technological change is increasing. The business models, even those based on an exponential paradigm, run the risk of becoming obsolete very rapidly. The Jolting Technologies courses allow you to acquire the necessary mindset, and extend your adaptability.

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What Is The Question?

David Orban’s podcast, talking about technology and its implications for society. Includes the episodes of Searching For The Question Live.

Qual è la domanda?

Con un linguaggio divulgativo ed accessibile a tutti, in conversazioni che si svolgono attorno ai temi della tecnologia e la società, David Orban esprime come possiamo affrontare le nostre sfide con strumenti moderni. Include le puntate di Qual è la domanda Live.

The Context

The Context looks at themes and trends, news in technology and society, aiming to allow those who watch it to gain a broader understanding of why what we are observing is happening, what are its possible consequences, and how we can turn this understanding into action.

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Searching For The Question Live

Searching For The Question Live (SFTQL) is an hour long show hosted by David Orban, streaming live daily on online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more. Covering disparate topics, from the tools and best practices of live streaming itself, to exponential and jolting technologies, decentralization and the Network Society, it features guests from all over the world. David and the guests discuss the evolving condition of human communities in our times characterized by an increasing acceleration of change.

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Qual è la domanda live

Qual è la domanda live (QELDL) è uno spettacolo di un’ora ospitato da David Orban, che trasmette in streaming ogni giorno in diretta su piattaforme online come YouTube, Facebook, Twitter e altro ancora. Tratta argomenti disparati, dagli strumenti e dalle migliori pratiche dello streaming live stesso, alle tecnologie esponenziali e di scossa, al decentramento e alla Network Society. David e gli ospiti discutono dell’evoluzione della condizione umana nei nostri tempi caratterizzata da una crescente accelerazione del cambiamento.