Tesla potrebbe smettere di vendere auto

Cars on the Tesla Network will generate $20K per year for ten years according to Elon Musk. Once Full Self Driving is available, it won’t make sense selling them to you.

Also, what if the real Tesla products are not cars, or systems for solar energy generation and storage, but the Gigafactories themselves?

Welcome to episode two of The Context. Today I want to talk to you about Tesla and I want to tell you what is the context for what Tesla is trying to accomplish. Of course, all of us know about the cars and all of us know that they are trying to change the way transportation works, going towards electric transportation, away from internal combustion engines, ICEs. But is there more and especially in the way that they are combining the different components of innovation in hardware, the car itself, in software, the self driving components, for example, autopilot and the future, full self driving option, but also in the production process? Does this have implications that go beyond what we can hear on the Twitter streams or what the numerous deniers of Tesla trying to let us understand? Of course the naysayers have it easy. Elon Musk himself repeatedly says what they are trying to accomplish is very hard, probably impossible.