SFTQL Guest Booking And Details

Book Your Date

Please book a slot on the following calendar for your appearance, according to our mutual availability.

Provide Your Information

Please provide the following information to your host as early as possible before the date of your show, sending an email to sftql@davidorban.com. You can send attachments, or preferably the URL to online resources.

  • Your photo and bio.
  • The list of your preferred social media profiles, where the viewers can find you.
  • A description of the latest projects you are involved in and that you are excited about.
  • The message that you would like to get through to the viewers.

Tips For The Best Experience

 Following are some tips for the best experience for you and our viewers.

  • Use a high speed, reliable internet connection, test with speedtest.net at least 1 Mb/s upload
  • Use a wired headset for high-quality audio, not the built-in microphone of your computer
  • If you plan to monitor the live stream while on the show, please turn the volume down on your monitoring device.
  • Position yourself with a light source in front or slightly to the side, not in the back
  • Position your video camera at eye level, propping up your notebook as needed on copies of your book, so that it is stable and ts looking at you.
  • When speaking to me, look into the camera itself, not at the screen with my image or at your image, so that the audience has the feeling of making eye contact with you.
  • Check your background to be neutral and good to share, including the sides as they are seen by your camera
  • We use different broadcast software from time to time. If a download is required, please download the client software beforehand and test it for audio and video.
    • Currently we are using either Zoom, for which you will have to download and test a client software, or Streamyard, which works directly from the browser, and you must use Chrome for it.
  • Please join the call on the meeting URL ten minutes before the start of the live stream.
  • There will be a 1-2 minute intro at the start of the stream, and then the host will speak to open the episode.
  • At the end of the episode there will be a 1-minute outro, after which the live broadcast will end: please stay on the site, so that we can say goodbye.