Googling Google through Netcraft

Looking up the Netcraft records for * brings up a lot that deafaults to or its equivalents. There are a few gems, like, that make you feel you could control the Google Universe if only you had the right password, or if someone gave one to you (as there is an email link to ask for the password to be reset!). Also interesting there is, which seems to be a demo site for the Google Search Appliance. It doesn’t look like anybody reported on it yet, as the Google query “link:” does not bring back any result. As you play with the search dialog, the query for “public content”, on “search appliance” for example, brings back results that are similar to that of the regular Google search, only on a smaller subset, and with no advertising or sponsored links. The “public and secure content” option timed out each time I tried. Anybody with more luck or fantasy?