How can I remind myself of websites to revisit?

I am sure there is a Web 2.0 service like this somewhere… I’d like to have a “Your Web Today” view, where not only I have the RSS feeds pumping information in me like a goose as it happens already, but more simply pages that I want to revisit. This came to me as I was looking at hte eBay Developer Challenge 2006 page. I won’t participate, but I want to remember to go back and check out how it is developing. If I put it on it won’t happen. I need Webminders (which of course is taken, even if not used…)!

2 thoughts on “How can I remind myself of websites to revisit?”

  1. Why don’t you just use We are a new service, similar to but with a couple of powerful additional features. One of them is a QuickBlink button so you can save links with one click and quickly get back to them in the future. You can also use RSS to have these QuickBlinks show up on your task list as a reminder.


  2. Something like a mashup of 43things or BackPack (whose reminder facility is among the most nice “underestimated” features of the web2.0 đŸ˜‰ ) and… sounds cool!

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