I just scored one through virtual conferencing!

I was attending virtually attending CES in Las Vegas, and MacWorld in San Francisco simultaneously today, and greatly enjoyed the fantastic reporting from Engadget of Steve Jobs’ announcements. You could feel the excitement growing about the “three devices” (iPod, Phone, and Internet), which were really one.

Then I said to myself, let’s drop a call to Michael Robertson, and ask him what he thinks about the iPhone, and the announcements. Since jobs was still talking when I called, and Michael was in Vegas, the likelyhood was hi that I would be the one breaking him the news, which actually was the case! He sounded envious of my setup, and confessed that he wished he could also sleep in his own bed at home the night, and stop paying $3.50 for a glass of soda.

I have also bumped into people I know through their tracks online, literally tracing where they were, like Doc Searls’ CES photos on Flickr.

Got the understanding that my feelings of less then stellar presentation from Bill Gates are widely shared among other commentators.

Overall am very satisfied for the moment on how this remote attendance is unfolding.

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