Virtually at CES 2007

Around November time each year there is a flurry of emails from my contacts to ask “Are you at CES? If so, let’s hook up!” (It used to be September, and Comdex, but now Comdex is no more, and the pattern is the same with CES, and I can safely ignore all the car-audio, and tv-set booths there…). Since I decided not to go to CES 2007, my answer was “No, we can’t meet in person”, but I was sure that even more than past years, I could be virtually there. And that is definitely the case.

You can neatly assemble* your own CES experience just following these links:

And, yes, Bill Gates gave an other keynote, with a lot of applause, but not really exciting stuff, in my opinion:
(I wonder if they let me embed the video object inline… it works. if they object, I will take it off, and just point to it, I guess.)

Format: asx
Duration: aprox. 90 minutes

Now on the other hand, this is something I was looking forward to see: a 7x optical zoom in a pocket size photo camera:
Casio EX-V7 zooms up to 7x without breaking a sweat – Engadget

*it would actually be rather cool to find a way to automatically aggregate all this stuff. I am sure that with a bunch of rss it can be done fairly easily.

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  1. Before I forget: virtual MacWorld

    Ah yeah. MacWorld is on as well! So before I forget, here is the same list of pointers I had for Comdex, for MacWorld too:Blog postsPhotosVideosPodcasts…

  2. I just scored one through virtual conferencing!

    I was attending virtually attending CES in Las Vegas, and MacWorld in San Francisco simultaneously today, and greatly enjoyed the fantastic reporting from Engadget of Steve Jobs’ announcements. You could feel the excitement growing about the “three dev…

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