What color is 2007?

One of the games I always play at the start of a new year is an excercise in synesthesia:what color is the coming year? For example to me 2006 was orange, 2005 was yellow, and 2004 was blue. My colors are not necessarily as neat as the basic ones: to me 2000 is bright white (while 1000 was black), so that shades the main color, and it is the same for the digits representing the century, or the decade. You can then ask around, and hear the different answers from the people around you. It is fun!

Wired has a great column on the last page of each issue, “Artifacts from the future”, which illustrate a hypotethical object from the future with very detailed and thoughprovoking images. This month’s is a bunch of crayons on a desk with funky colors, whose names recall various promises, and dangers of the near or far future, as “grey goo”, “yellow cake”, “martian flesh”, and many others.

So now 2007 has its perfect color now: “Red Dwarf”!

What is your color for 2007?