I attended the luanch of D-wave Systems’ quantum computer!

 I decided that the unveiling of the first commercial quantum computer by D-wave systems was a historical moment that I didn’t want to miss, and having received on Monday to confirmation of my invitation, I literally hopped on a plane to come to San Francisco, and attend  the launch event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

There were about 350 people at the event, among them heavyweights like Eric Drexler, and Seth Lloyd, and before the launch the comments were somewhat skeptical, given the outrageously large jump ahead that the company claimed to have made.

The entire morning was filled with talks, and demonstrations, and the extremely candid approach held by Geordie Rose, the CTO of Dwave Systems, a really conquered the attendees, as testified by the rather more positive comments after the event.

A lot of questions remain regarding the scalability of the Orion system from the point of view both of its engineering and principles underlying it, but for the moment those who were present seemed to be ready to accept the claims made by the company.

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