Tommaso’s thoughts, as tracked by the ‘New Scientist’

My friend Tommaso has been thinking aloud on his blog, about quarks, the Higgs boson, and the origin of gravity, experimental results, and their interpretations. And as he kept thinking, and thinking, and thinking, and, well… thinking, other people noticed, and among them the UK magazine ‘New Scientist‘ which I picked up at Victoria Station before leaving for the airport to fly back to Italy from London.

It is very nice to see that a relatively traditional magazine aknowledges the existence, and the importance of the new media, like blogs, in the scientific conversations, and that it attributes to them in the article an role, which is bound to become even more fundamental in the future.

2 thoughts on “Tommaso’s thoughts, as tracked by the ‘New Scientist’”

  1. Ciao David,

    yes, that is nice – although they misspelled my name, darn. The person I spoke to on the phone the other week seriously wanted me to disclose still unpublished material… But I resisted the temptation!

    Thanks for the link, and the link, and the link, and the link!

    A presto

  2. Tommaso,

    don’t despaire! The journalist was so excited about the article he was writing, and the things you were saying (or not saying) that he didn’t realize the mistake. The more famous you are, and the more the opportunities for these errors. 🙂


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