Local Government Study Group tools meeting on Vulcano

The Local Government Study Group exists to formulate tools for local governance in Second Life, and seek to persuade Linden Lab to adopt them.

At this meeting on May 6 hosted by me on Vulcano, we will be discussing the second draft proposal for local governance tools. Additional tool proposals and comments on the existing tool proposals submitted in advance by notecard will be discussed, and there will be a general discussion at the end.

When I spoke about Democracy in Online Worlds, I was very glad to see how wide an interest the speech received. There are several active Second Life policy groups that have asked me to either speak at their meetings or become actively involved, and LGSG is one of them. As the opportunity to further explore the ideas of novel social organization develop, I will be glad to observe, report, and eventually contribute to them.

If you would like me to talk at your group meeting, or for me to host your meeting on Vulcano in Second Life, please don’t hesitate to contact me in-world, or leaving a comment. There is a public calendar for the Auditorium on Vulcano has a public calendar where you can reserve a spot on your own, and then coordinate with me the management of the event.