Speaking at the Virtual Worlds Forum in London

I will be speaking at the Virtual Worlds Forum in London.

From e-tail to v-business: are virtual goods an entirely new category

* What are virtual goods and how is the sector growing?
* Understanding the consumer motivation for virtual goods
* Is v-business the bright new shiny business model?
* Can you bridge the gap between virtual item sales and real items?

Paul Hemp, Senior Editor, Harvard Business Review
Professor Michael Hulme , Centre for Study of Media, Technology & Culture
David Orban, CEO, Questar
Reuben Steiger, CEO and Founder, Millions of Us
Peter Edward , Director, Home Platform Group, Sony Computer Entertainment
Moderator: Adam Pasick, Reuters Bureau Chief, Second Life

I am very much looking forward to this conversation, and the entire conference. Based on the preparatory call we had, it will be very stimulating. There will be a free wifi connection, and I hope I’ll be able to liveblog it too.