Endorsing Barack Obama

The changes necessary to keep our societies aligned with the needs of a desirable future can only be accomplished by those who belong to that future.

Barack Obama is a choice for a desirable future.

It also helps that, according to the Washington Post’s political compass survey, my views are strongly aligned with his.

political compass.png

The planet is intertwined, connected, unavoidably influencing its different parts with political and economical decisions, which today are not in turn influenced but by those who happen to live within what are called ‘national borders’. We have no mechanism in place to make sure that in a rightly nuanced and well defined manner the needs of those who are not within those borders are also taken into consideration. In the future we will need these tools, and we might then see elections that happen on a global scale, even without a worldwide government. Many of us would have wished to be able and vote in the US elections in the past two rounds, at least. And there a millions of people whose lives have been strongly impacted by their outcome. If it were possible, I’d vote for Barack, in the name of change.

Tomorrow is the day in the primary elections in the US when it’ll be seen if Obama or Clinton is going to become the Democratic candidate in the general elections… that is why I am writing this today.