OpenSpime: What do you know about your planet?

You have heard about spimes. They are a new class of objects, originally envisioned by Bruce Sterling, author and Wired columnist, who also invented the term by compressing ‘space’ and ‘time’. Spimes are aware of their environment, they know where they are, and when they are, and keep track of some parameter around them. Sensing, memory, and ubiquitous communication enable spimes to accurately map the physical world around them. The progressive saturation of the world with spimes is creating what is called the Internet of Things.

OpenSpime is the infrastructure company for an open Internet of Things!

CO2 detection with OpenSpime architecture concept video

OpenSpime creates hardware reference platforms, and software environments for collecting, and managing information about the world around you, where you live, you work, you travel. And through the aggregation of multiple validated data streams online, it enables new ways of visualizing the data collected.

Free hardware, free software, open APIs and communication protocols. OpenSpime’s business model is about the provisioning of the SpimeID identification numbers for the trusted communication of validated data streams between spimes and the OpenSpime servers.

We will be presenting the first OpenSpime prototype hardware sensor for CO2 level detection at ETech next week, and are actively seeking funding for OpenSpime, Inc. which is being incorporated in California.