Holding the inaugural Ibn-Khaldun lecture on Al-Andalus

The birth of new social organizations in online-worlds is a great interest of mine, andI was delighted and honored when Michel Manen approached me to discuss the possibility of holding the inaugural lecture on Al-Andalus Caliphate, an innovative and vibrant multi-cultural community in Second Life.

The title of my lecture is going to be “Tolerance As A Guiding Principle For Societies And Technologies: The Rise of Robust Information Systems“, and it is going to be held at 2pm PST on April 27 on the Al-Andalus Alhambra sim’s  Abd Ar Rahman III Auditorium. In the lecture I will analyze the analogies between the tolerance and resilience of healthy societies as they recognize the value of the contribution of different cultures and people, and the fault-tolerance of networks like the Internet, which keep working even if their parts behave in an unexpected manner.