Your window on the online world – using Firefox 3

Download Day 2008

What web browser do you use? How much time to you spend in front of it per week? It is your window on the online world, it is what you use to see the web, compose an email on an online mail service, watch videos, listen to music, find photos, and more and more every day of your activities. Even applications, like Google Earth to view a 3D map of the planet, which seemed to be too complex and require a stand-alone application, are migrating into the browser.

You deserve to get the best. I use Firefox, and I highly recommend it.

If your computer didn’t come with Firefox preinstalled, you can use the one you were give to download and install it quickly. You will see a immediate improvement in your productivity, and enjoyment of online activities. The Mozilla Foundation is organizing a Download Day for entering into the Guiness World Records, and you can also pledge to be part of it, as I have.