OpenSpime Developer Network and .org launch today

Turning your vision into reality is a big leap. Going from zero to one represents a Zenoan step, which is not guaranteed to be possible, in the world of mathematical abstractions or in the world of physical action. So it is a wonderful feeling that OpenSpime is actually making this leap. If not to 1.0, at least to 0.9!

Today  the OpenSpime Developer Network and have been launched!

The architecture of the OpenSpime protocols, based on an extension to XMPP, is available for anyone to explore, and improve, but what is even more important is that with very little effort anybody can run his or her own OpenSpime servers, and implement OpenSpime compliant applications using the Pyopenspime libraries which have also been released simultaneously.

OpenSpime is an ambitious project, and it is not only about technical issues of implementation, protocol optimization, server scalability, etc. The healthy development of future technologies which can have a high level of impact on our societies depends on the availability of the right kind of policies concerning privacy, data retention, security, etc. for individuals, corporations, and government bodies alike. has the aim of becoming the meeting place for an open debate about these wide ranging issues, where the discussion can be held alongside the technical development of the infrastructure, so that there won’t be a consumer backlash against poorly thought through policies, or ambiguous terms in privacy protocols.

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