Augmented Reality at the Virtual Worlds Conference & Expo

I am packing to leave for the Virtual Worlds Conference & Expo, where kindly invited by my friend Roo, I will be speaking on the Augmented Reality panel in the Future Track.

For the panel I will express two concepts:

  1. The realities are augmented by our knowledge, and we traverse them via our agent identities. It is only when the proper semantics is present through pervasive tagging that this can be achieved at at a high level. Synthetic realities are semantic by default, folksonomies help mapping our own knowledge, but it is the forthcoming Internet of Things that will let us make a fundamental leap towards a zillionic level of understanding of our worlds.
  2. It is a ptolemaic mistake, at least from an architectural point of view*, to keep one reality on a pedestal. When you stop, whichever you want to augment with info from an other, the issue becomes that fundamental one of interoperability. Interoperability of realities is not only a question of technical interconnections, but also of content, culture, rights, and laws being automatically analyzed and deemed compatible, or not.

* Yes, I do realize that there is a privileged observer status amongst the realities. It is where once you die it is GAME OVER, and there’s no REPLAY.

My fall schedule is rather busy, with several conferences I am speaking at. You can check it out on my Dopplr page and in Upcoming.

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