A piece of an iPhone as a gift… :)

Have you been wondering what present to give me for coming festivities?
I want to help you: an iPhone 3G!

Well, not an entire iPhone really. That would either be too expensive, or if more than one person decided that, yes, actually they wanted to give me an iPhone as a gift, then I’d end up with more than one… So what I propose is that you choose a share of an iPhone!

I am going to use an unlocked one, with my current SIM (a pretty good contract from 3, which gives me plenty of talk time, but even more, 5GB of data traffic per week), which means that it is not going to be cheap, but I am dividing it in 20 parts, of €30.

What do you think? 🙂
If you like the idea, then click on the donation button below. (Hey, you can give me more than one share too…) You will be sent to a PayPal page, where you can confirm the amount, and tell me if you do not want to be openly recognized for this (the default is public…). You can use PayPal even if you are not a member, and you will not be forced to sign-up.

I will update this page, and obviously stop the button when the thirty pieces of the iPhone have been all taken.

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