Lecture at the Singularity University

I am at the NASA Ames Research Center, where I spent a week at Singularity University. It was a great opportunity to attend lectures, go on trips with the students, interact with the rest of the Advisors, and the staff. I have kept twittering my impressions, brief quotes from the lectures, and it was a wonderful experience.

Today, at 7PM PST, if you are in the Valley, and want to come to NASA, I will be holding a lecture about the Internet Of Things, followed by an interactive, fun Spime Design Workshop. Hey, we will even have a cheese and wine reception for you!

Please sign up for the lecture online. There are still a few open seats.

On the other hand if you are not here you can follow my lecture streamed online, which is a first for Singularity University.

Here are the slides of my presentation:

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