Singularity Summit 09 coming up in New York

On October 3-4, 2009, the Singularity Summit 09 is held in New York, and it promises to be a very stimulating event. Organized yearly by the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence (Singinst), it is confronting for the first time an East Coast audience, after its past three editions in California.

Invited by Singinst’s President, Michael Vassar, I am setting up a series of conversations with the Summit speakers, and I hope these videos will give a good sense of the wide range of topics and the quality of the arguments being presented during the two-day program.

Conversation with Itamar

The first video about Artificial General Intelligence development is with Itamar Arel, of the University Of Tennessee.

Itamar talks about how AGI is going to be designed (spoiler alert: hierarchically), how is it going to be possible to manage its complexity (by taking inspiration from advanced chip design), what is the roadmap for its development (ten years), and what resources are going to be needed (millions, not billions).