Back at the Singularity University for the Executive Program

Spime Design Workshop at the Singularity Unive...Image by david.orban via Flickr

The Singularity University Executive Program just started this weekend and I will be lecturing in the Networks and Computing Systems track about the Internet Of Things, and holding a Spime Design Workshop.

The program of nine weeks has been condensed—appropriately enough for a course talking about accelerating technologies—into just nine days! (And I can’t wait to experience the forthcoming ones of 😉 nine hours, nine, minutes, and nine seconds…)

The students are great, as the last time in the summer, and actually many of the summer’s students are back as Teaching Fellows, which is itself a testimony to the loyalty that the school engendered right from the start.

The schedule is incredibly packed, with lectures, workshops, site visits, group work, from 8.30 in the morning to 10.30 in the evening, and more… But it is worth each minute!

The videos of the summer lectures are starting to be posted online in the Singularity University YoutTube channel, and even Ray Kurzweil’s opening keynote lecture from the Executive Program is already online.

If you want to be part of Singularity University, the enrollment is open for the forthcoming courses.

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