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The January 2010 issue of  Wired Italia. has a very nice article by Luca Sofri about Singularity University, and even more in depth about Ray Kurzweil, one of SU’s founders together with Peter Diamandis.

Luca came to visit Singularity University at NASA Ames during the inaugural GSP-09 in July 2009, and went back to visit Ray at his Boston area office in August.  I love his take on the institution, and the people behind it.

While the current editorial guidelines of Wired Italy make it so that not all of its content is online, so you can’t find the full text of this article there, a lot of additional material is available, in the form of videos that I shot with some of the faculty, and guest lecturers. On the Wired Italy Video page you can find eight 3-4 minute videos with:

  • Salim Ismail, Executive Director of Singularity University
  • Susan Fonseca Klein, Founding Architect of Singularity University
  • Dan Barry, President Danbar Robotics, and former NASA astronaut
  • Ralph Merkle, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
  • Carl Pilcher, Director of the NASA Astrobiology Institute
  • Matt Mullenweg, Founding Developer of WordPress, Automattic
  • Chris DiBona, OpenSource and Public Sector Program Manager of Google

(The videos on the Wired website are not embeddable, so I will also be uploading them to my YouTube channel)

It is great to see that Wired Italia keeps covering SU, and SU-connected people, after featuring an article about Peter Diamandis, and Dan Barry. That’s sure, there are a lot of interesting people and activities that are going on at Singularity University… And, yes, the applications are open for the next 9-day Executive Program at the end of February which is almost sold out, and the next 10-week Graduate Studies Program starting in June 2010. Go ahead, and enroll!

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