What Is The Shape Of The Societies Of The Future?

The nature of the societies that are going to emerge from a strong technological foundation of global communication and economic networks is going to be very different from the cities and nation states of today.

We are accustomed to see centralized power, and delegation of decisionmaking, which will be complemented by decentralized organizations nimbly allocating resources to local and global projects around the world. Recognizing the coopetition among the two alternatives paves the way to sustainable value creation and the blossoming of opportunities worldwide.

When the car emerged at the beginning of the 20th century as a novel means of transportation, the horseless carriage initially imitated the features of its horseful predecessor. It took some time to realize for many, that it was much more than a replacement of the buggy, and in the process it truly transformed the way we work, the urban landscape, and the world.

The new global communications platforms of social networks, of chat applications eliminated barriers to the spreading of ideas. The even more recent digitization of economic decisionmaking through the blockchain allows the acceleration of the competition of business models.

Society is the set of rules that define how we want to live together. Is it now possible, through the power of exponential technologies, to rethink how society should work? What are going to be the implications of ambitious radical redesigns that will lead to a truly 21st century civilization?

At the Startup Societies Summit in San Francisco, on Aug 11-12, 2017, we will talk about these themes. We will discuss how to inspire, how to catalyze a global movement of people who believe in the positive power of human potential, and in the power of technology to fulfill our ambitions.

Leaders are beginning to understand that the best path towards a new system is through creating examples. When citizens can point to a functional society, utilizing the best of technology and human potential, the startup movement can accelerate its progress toward a better future.

The Startup Societies Summit is a trade show and 2-day workshop dedicated to the creation of “startup societies” (small, experimental governments). Think smart cities, special economic zones, eco-villages, private cities, city-states, micro-states, and even seasteading—all powered by the blockchain and principles of disruptive organization. Over 2 days of panels, workshops, demos, and other events (with a pretty cool party in between), the Summit is bringing together a collection of engineers, policy experts, technologists, urban planners, economists, entrepreneurs, community builders, and investors directly involved in designing and building autonomous societies that leverage the best of decentralized technology and trustless governance.

Startup Societies are the path to a new age of possibility in governance, technology, and human flourishing!

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The Summit will take place August 11th-12th at City College San Francisco and will lay the foundation for the future of governance—a future that will be determined by all of us. It’s time to stop criticizing, and start creating.