Becoming A World Citizen With Bitnation

The new decentralized structures of social organization allow memberships not based on exclusive geographical criteria. As we experiment with what is possible, there are fundamental differences with how socio-economic transformations happen today compared to the past: they are necessarily more peaceful in a world full of nuclear weapons, and they are software-driven as we enter the digital phase of our civilization, instead of being based on the availability of local resources. One of the most interesting projects defining platforms and applications building alternative social organizations is Bitnation.*

Can we sustain communities where as much of the association and interaction as possible is voluntary, rather than imposed by the laws and regulations that a varyingly imperfect majority is imposing on everybody else? Bitnation is developing a series of applications to achieve that, starting with Pangea.

Pangea is a decentralized market for legal services. You can create and execute peer-to-peer agreements seamlessly across the world, resolve disputes fairly and efficiently, choose an arbitrator, or become an arbitrator in your field of expertise. On Pangea you can create your own Decentralised Borderless Voluntary Nation (DBVN), choose your code of law and decision-making mechanism, write a constitution and provide governance services to citizens.

Interactions in Pangea generate non-tradable reputation tokens that shift the perception of natural disagreements from conflicts that can only be resolved through legal attacks, to constructive outcomes that all parties can share in.

Based on cryptographic tokens defined on top of Ethereum, which are being made available for purchase, Bitnation and Pangea belong to a new generation of decentralized initiatives that explore what are the possibilities of our planetwide communications infrastructure. We must experiment as much as we can, with passionate, creative and talented teams, which deliver at the maximum of their capabilities on the promise of their ideas and fill the networks of applications with an increasing value accruing to all users.

* Disclaimer: I’m an advisor to and investor in Bitnation.