Building A Wealth Base Without Barriers

The dream of many, part of a standard lifeplan, is to buy a house. It is not only necessary to have a place to live, and natural to want to own it, but it also becomes an investment for the long term, and part of building the wealth of your family. With Wealth Migrate you can start at any level of commitment, globally.

Is it possible to consider real estate an investment that everybody should be active in?  For too many it is out of reach in terms of buying an apartment or a house, or investing in a commercial development. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The challenges of international real estate investment are even bigger, where the complexities of regulatory compliance represent an even bigger barrier, and mean that only those already able to face these costs are actively participating in the opportunities it represents.

Wealth Migrate’s platform allows anybody to invest in international real estate in the USA, UK, Australia and elsewhere, starting with as little as $1000, and to receive the financial benefits of double digit expected internal rates of return. Its platform is already used by members in over 100 countries, that made over 1000 investments. And it is now in a process of tokenizing its business, bringing the benefits of blockchain to its business model and its members.

Sign up for a webinar to be held on Dec 6 about Wealth Migrate and its business, where I’ll be also speaking.

If you are in Tokyo on Dec 12, there is a conference hosted by Fintech Global Consultants at the Tokyo American Club where Wealth Migrate, The Sun Exchange and myself are going to be speaking. Sign up on Facebook for more details and to participate!

(Disclosure: Network Society Ventures is an investor in Wealth Migrate.)