Digital Reality

Something amazing is happening: we are in the process of designing and deploying the tools that enable us to completely change how we define reality. 

We are augmenting what we used to call reality and extending the limits of the possible. The physical reality around you used to be your village, maybe 20 kilometers in radius, 30 years in timescale. Now our knowledge covers the Universe at an ever increasing degree of understanding.

An increasing share of our lives is digital and an increasing share of what matters in the world around us is based on the understanding of the digital world. The metaverse is supporting our ability to design, implement and live lives that fulfill the ambitions of the 21st century

This digital reality is malleable: what we call fake news is the effect of a set of tools that aim to influence, manipulate and modify our perception of the world. We must react with healthy skepticism. Phillip K Dick used to say “Reality is that which when you stop believing in it doesn’t go away”

Our awareness must continue to be honed to take advantage of the tools, to keep building and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with enthusiast towards the progress that we are making in building incredibly uplifting and powerful new realities