The Jolting Technologies Courses

The rate of acceleration is increasing! Are you ready?

Of course not. No one can really be ready for the jolting times. But we can prepare, and start to be ready. We can acquire a new ability to interpret the world, understand the phenomena around us, applying the lens of the Jolting Technologies paradigm.

With the Jolting Technologies Courses you can not only learn about the technologies but also extend the range of your adaptability as the world transforms.

The Jolting Technologies Courses are available for anyone: you can go to, sign up, and you get the first month for free. Start with the Introduction To Jolting Technologies course, then follow with the course on Artificial Intelligence, on Quantum Computing, on Bitcoin and Blockchain, and so on. 

Each course is composed of a dozen or so short five minute videos, that you can watch whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. Also, the transcription of the videos are available if you prefer reading. There is an interactive chart, and you can explore and analyze the interconnected nature of the topics that we cover. There are also curated lists of articles and websites available for each course, that allow you to get deeper in the various products and services available already, the implications of the technologies, and keep learning.

Most importantly, there is a monthly interactive Q&A session, where you can get together with me live, and ask questions, but also vote on questions that are asked by others. The next one is on December 15. We dedicate all the time that is needed to understand if you understand, to understand, what are the limits of your current understanding and go beyond them.

There are also convenient corporate license options available for the Jolting Technologies Courses, if you want to adopt it in your business, and make it available for everyone.

Go ahead and connect to, and start your journey of learning, of increased adaptability, and of exploration of the world of jolting technologies together with me.